Quick earring holder!

So on Tuesday night I was going out for a meal with Ruth. I wanted a pair of nice dangly earrings to wear… 

A while back the holder I had been using had reached its last legs and so I had thrown it away. I had dumped all my earrings into a box and subsequently only worn a few pairs because it was stressful trying to find anything!

On Tuesday I couldn’t seem to find a single paired pair in the box-y mess so I tipped them all out and managed to find some.

Then, on Wednesday it was bugging me again so I had a look around on Pinterest for some inspiration that would be cheap, quick and that I could make with what I could find in the house.

There were lots of beautiful photo frame holders of varying designs but that was not quick or cheap. Eventually I chanced across a bamboo table mat hung on the wall with some wire through the top and was INSPIRED!! Yay!

We have some rollable table mats that are beautiful but we never use, and we have wire for the garden so… I gave it a go and… I am ecstatic! It is so easy and I have now  found that so many of my earrings do have other halves 😝 they just needed to find each other!!! 

The actual assembly process took maybe 5 minutes!

 I found the place mat and wire, cut the wire to length and then threaded it through the top of the mat and wound it round itself to secure it in place.

I moved a picture hook that wasn’t being used to a free bit of wall behind our bedroom door and then hung it up!

The bit that took time (but by far the most satisfying part) was putting my earrings on to it in their pairs… What a sense of achievement, yay!


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