Orange and Mango Ice Lollies!

Steve and I had 2 nights and a day off together this week, first time since Elsie was born, oh my, what luxury!

Quite apart from indulging ourselves with meals, drinks and comedy out (yay!) we also got to explore town without Elsie getting bored.  We recently got a Tiger shop in our city, and I have been desperate to explore all it has to offer. I got to spend a good half an hour taking it all in, so fun!

One of the purchases I made was for these amazing ice lolly moulds… They look just like Callipo ice lollies, which is one of Elsie’s favourites, but we can make whatever flavour we like and know exactly what’s inside, healthy AND fun…!

So this afternoon, with Elsie back home from her stay with Nana and Granddad, we made orange and mango ice lollies together, to test out the moulds… I think it is safe to say that they were a roaring success and I have one extremely happy daughter (photographic evidence below 😊 )

These are so simple, and remind me of the ice lollies of my childhood, mum and me would make together using old wooden lolly sticks (saved from when we’d had shop bought ice lollies) and plastic moulds with a little slot in. Childhood bliss, such a treat! They will work with any mould, but these really are so awesome, if you can find some it doubles the treat/fun factor!!

Recipe (makes 4, or as many as you have moulds for!)


Orange juice

Frozen mango pieces (easily bought from any supermarket, ours are from Tesco)


Rinse out a lolly mould and then fill almost to the top with orange juice and pour into a jug. Do this as many times as you have moulds (so for us that was 4).

Add a handful of frozen mango pieces (fresh mango would work equally well, we just had this in the freezer already)

Using a hand blender whizz everything together to make a smoothie.

Pour into lolly moulds and put into freezer until frozen. Ours took from lunchtime until tea…

Remove from freezer and enjoy!


As you can see Elsie absolutely loves these and they are super easy, delicious and healthy too! She is currently eating her second in a row, so one very happy girly 😊


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